Just Dance Now from Ubisoft is a popular dance video game without a console. You can unleash the dancer in you by dancing to the greatest songs and choreographies. You can dance with an unlimited number of friends and try beating dancers from around the world. Just Dance Now lets you create your own playlists by adding your favorite songs. The Just Dance Now app is accessible on Android, iOS, and tvOS and is available on the Play Store and App Store. Using a PC, your phone, or television, you can play this game. The screen shows you how to dance, and all you need to do is repeat the steps. However, you can use your phone as a motion controller. You can access it as a single-player or as a multi-player. Now let’s discuss more on how to get Just Dance Now on Google TV.

Just Dance Now on Google TV

In-App Purchases in Just Dance Now

  • 1 month – $3.99
  • 1 month!!.. – $5.99
  • VIP Subscription – $4.99
  • 1 day – $2.99
  • 1 day!! – $4.99
  • 1 year – $24.99
  • 1 year!!.. – $24.99
  • 3 months – $9.99
  • 7-day free trial – $3.99
  • 3 months!!..$11.99
Just Dance Now subscriptions


You can cast Just Dance Now on Google TV from the following devices or browsers.

  • Android phones (5.0 and higher)
  • Android Tablets
  • iPhone (iOS 10 and higher)
  • Web Browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, & Internet Explorer)
Just Dance Now

How to Cast Just Dance Now on Google TV (Smartphone)

The only way to get Just Dance Now on Google TV is by using the casting method. Just connect and set up the Google TV device with your TV. Then, make sure to install the Just Dance Now app on your smartphone.

1. Turn on your Google TV and unlock your Smartphone. Ensure to connect them to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Open the Just Dance Now app on your phone.

Open Just Dance Now

3. When the app opens up, you can see a page asking you Which song would you like to dance to?. Here, choose any song to dance to.

Select a song

4. On the following screen, you should click on the Screen Setup option.

Tap Screen Setup

5. On the next screen, select the Chromecast option.

Select Chromecast

6. Now, you can see all the available devices to cast with. Here, select your Chromecast with Google TV device name.

7. You will be given a room number on the next screen.

Note the Code

8. Now, hold the Smartphone in your hand and dance to the video on the screen.

Just Dance Now app on Google TV

That’s it. Get Just Dance Now app on Google TV and have fun dancing to the videos as a single member or with your friends.  

Just Dance Now is a useful app where you dance by joining with your friends or solo. Casting Just Dance Now on Google TV will give you a better experience. The app has an updated library of songs you can dance to. Furthermore, you can earn and use in-built game currencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get Just Dance Now on Google TV?

You can get Just Dance Now on Google TV by using the casting method.

2. What devices can you play Just Dance Now on?

You can play Just Dance Now on many devices, including gaming consoles like PlayStation3, PlayStation4, and Xbox. Furthermore, you can play it on your Smartphones.