Google Meet is a video communication service and is all about real-time meetings held online. It is a secure option to connect and collaborate with anyone. It uses proprietary protocols for audio, video, and data transcoding. Google Meet is accessible from devices like Android, iPhone, and PC. Going further, you shall connect with friends, family, or colleagues with Google Meet on Google TV. Attending Meetings on Google TV gives a new experience to the users. Currently, the Google Meet app is unavailable for Google TV. But, you can get the app by using the Downloader app. In addition, you can also view the Google Meet app on Google TV by casting. In this article, let’s look at all the possible ways to get Google Meet on Google TV.

Google Meet

How to Install Google Meet on Google TV

With the new Chromecast device, you can access Google Meet on your big screen. Follow these simple steps to install Google Meet using the sideloading method.

1. Turn on your Google TV

2. Set up your Chromecast with Google TV if you’re using it for the first time.

3. Click the Search icon on the home screen.

click search menu

4. Type or say Downloader using the remote.

enter downloader

5. Select Downloader and click on Install.

6. After installation, you need to enable Unknown Sources for Downloader. To enable it, follow the steps given below.

Navigate to Settings >> Click Apps >> Select Security & Restrictions >> Enable Unknown Sources.

7. Launch the Downloader app and enter the Google Meet apk URL.

enter google meet Url

8. Click on Go to download the Google Meet apk file.

9. Once downloaded, click the Install option to proceed further.

10. After installation, click Open to launch the Google Meet app.

11. Login with your Google Meet account credentials and start attending meetings.

Alternative Way to Access Google Meet on Google TV

You can cast your meeting before joining or while you are already in a Google meeting. Before moving into the steps, make sure to update the Chrome browser to the latest version. Then, connect the smartphone and the Google TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Method 1: Before joining the Meeting
  • Method 2: During a Meeting

Cast Before Joining Meeting

1. Open the meeting on the Chrome browser and click the Cast this Meeting button located underneath the Join now and Present buttons.

2. A pop-up with the list of available devices will appear in the upper right corner of the browser.

3. Now, click the GoogleTV device to cast Google Meet.

During a Meeting

1. In the bottom right corner of the PC, tap on the three vertical dots (kebab) to open a menu.

2. Click on Cast this meeting.

3. A pop-up with the list of available casting devices appears in the upper right corner of the browser. Then click on the Google TV you want to cast.

4. To stop casting your Google Meeting, click on the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, click Stop casting meeting.

Google Meet users will now be able to see the meeting on a big screen. These are the possible ways to access Google Meet on Chromecast with GoogleTV. Until the official launch, you shall rely on any of the above methods to connect with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you install Google Meet on Android TV?

No. You cannot install Google Meet on Android TV.

2. How to get Google Meet on Chromecast with GoogleTV?

You can get Google Meet on GoogleTV by using sideloading or casting method. To know more, refer to the blog.