Google Photos is a reliable service to store, organize, edit and share your photos & videos. Google Photos backups all your pictures & videos in the required quality. Because of its cross-platform nature, you can access all your photos and videos anytime and anywhere as long as you have a browser-enabled device. Those who have a Chromecast with Google TV streaming device can’t access Google Photos easily. As the device is not compatible with web browsers, you need to rely on other methods to access Google Photos on Google TV. In this guide, we will show you the top two easy and reliable methods.

Chromecast with Google TV

Cast Google Photos to Chromecast Google TV

One of the best and recommended ways of accessing Google Photos on Google TV is by casting it from your smartphone.

1. Turn on your TV and connect your Chromecast with Google TV on the HDMI port.

2. Connect your Google TV and the Google Photos installed Android or iOS device to the same WiFi connection.

3. Launch the Google Photos app on your smartphone.

4. Click the Cast icon on the top right corner of Google Photos.

5. Choose your Google TV from the list of nearby devices.

6. Now, play the videos or images you want and view them on the bigger screen of the TV.

Sideload Google Photos on Chromecast with Google TV

It is an alternative method to get Google Photos. In this method, you’re going to install the Android mobile version of Google Photos on your streaming devices. For that, you need to install a sideloading tool called Downloader.

1. Go to the Search menu on the home screen of Google TV.

2. Type Downloader and then search for it.

3. Select the Downloader app offered by AFTNews and then click the Install menu.

Google Photos on Google TV

4. After installing the app, return to the main screen and allow permission to install apps via Downloader. It can be done by navigating to Settings > Device Preferences > Security and Restrictions > Unknown Sources > Downloader > enable the feature.

Google Photos on Google TV

5. Now, launch the Downloader app and go through on-screen prompts.

6. Enter the Google Photos apk URL:, and then click the Go menu.

7. After downloading the Google Photos apk, install it on your device and then launch it.

8. Launch the Google Photos app and then login with the appropriate Google account.

9. Now, you can view all your pictures & videos on the bigger screen.

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As you have installed the mobile version, it may not be that convenient to view the photos. Hence, it is advisable to use the casting method for a better viewing experience. Do you have any questions related to this guide? Mention them below.