Chromecast with Google TV is a newly launched streaming device. It has thousands of apps in its Play Store for installing. There are a few apps that are currently not available in the store. You can still install these apps through APK and it is called sideloading. Sideloading requires installer apps and one such app is Downloader. It is available for free to install on Google TV. Let’s look into the steps to install Downloader on Google TV.

Downloader on Google TV

The downloader has no sign in or registration for installing the apps. The procedure is simple for sideloading. You must have the desired app URL from a trusted source. It has a file manager for handling the apk files as well.

How to Install Downloader on Google TV?

Follow the steps given to download the Downloader app on your device.

(1). Connect the Google TV to the TV HDMI port and launch it.

(2). Click the Profile icon at the top right corner and select Settings in the menu.

(3). Scroll down and select System. Click About.

Select System in the settings

(4). Under About, click Android TV OS build for 7 times until “You are now a developer!” prompt appears.

Click Android TV OS build

(5). Go to the home screen again and select Apps at the top.

select Apps

(6). Move to the Apps Categories and click on the Search for Apps option.

(7). Enter Downloader using the on-screen keyboard and tap the Search button.

(8). Select Install to install the app on Google TV.

Install Downloader on Google TV

(9). Click Open to launch the app on Google TV.

How to Use Downloader on Google TV?

Using Downloader, you can sideload apps on Google TV.

(1). Go to the home screen and select the Profile icon at the top right corner.

(2). Click Settings in the menu and select Apps.

(3). Scroll down and click Security & Restrictions.

(4). Select Unknown sources and flip the Downloader to install unknown apps.

Select Downloader to install unknown apps on Google TV

(5). Now, launch Downloader on Google TV. Select Allow in the prompt.

(6). Enter the app URL in the browser and click Go to install the app.

Downloader is the best installer app for sideloading the apps on your device from unknown sources. The built-in browser is helpful in downloading the support or additional file for the app. If there is any queries with the above steps, please specify it in the comments section.


1. Does Google TV have Downloader app?

Google TV has Downloader for free to install and it is useful for sideloading apps that are unavailable in the Play Store.

2. Can I install Apk on Google TV?

Yes. You can install Apk on Google TV using the Downloader app and you have to change the device into developer mode for installing Apk.

3. Is Downloader app free?

Downloader app is completely free for sideloading the apps and it requires no login for installing the apps.