Google rolled out a new update for Chromecast with Google TV. Within five months, Google TV got its new update. With the new update, a lot of new features are added with a slight change in the UI. Here is your complete guide on how to update Chromecast with Google TV to its latest version.

Google TV users are complaining about the performance issues, Google TV keeps disconnecting when connected to WiFi, and more. In the new update, all these are resolved. Once you update your device, you will new features and free from bugs.

Features in New Google TV Update

Discover tab
  • The biggest addition to the new update the Discover tab. With this, you will get only three tabs, Home, Discover, and Apps. The old home screen with Movies, Shows, Library tabs is not available now. In the Discover tab, you will get movies and series that are trending in Google searches and personalized recommendations.
  • The Watchlist tab is removed and can’t found anywhere on the device.
  • Google TV keeps disconnecting to WiFi is resolved.
  • Removes Minor bugs in the internal software.
  • Improved performance with the app installation and remote commands.

How to Update Google TV?

(1) Go to your Profile icon on your Google TV.

Update Google TV

(2) Select the Settings icon.

Update Google TV

(3) The Settings menu will appear. Scroll down to the System option.

Update Google TV

(4) On the System menu, select the About option.


(5) On the next screen, select the System update option.

Update Google TV

(6) Then, the Google TV will check for new updates.

Update Google TV

(7) After downloading the update, click the Restart now button. If you ignore it, the new update will be installed at the scheduled time.

Restart now

(8) When you restart the TV, the downloaded update will begin to install.

Update Google TV

(9) After the restart, your Google TV will update to the latest version.

(10) To ensure that the device is up to date, go to the System Update option. It will show you the “Your system is up to date” screen.

Your system is up to date

How to Update Google TV Remote?

When you update your TV, it will automatically update the remote too. If you want, you can also update the remote manually. To do so,

(1) Go to the Settings menu.

(2) Open System settings and choose Remotes & Accessories next to the System update option.

(3) Select the Chromecast Remote. After few minutes, your remote will be updated.

Update your device to the latest firmware. With the new update, you will get a new home screen and much more new features. Explore your Google TV to find all the new features. If you have any issues while updating, tell us in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Android TV be updated to Google TV?

Yes, You can update Android TV to Google TV. But, you have to wait until a new update is released for Android TV.

2. What is the latest version of Google TV?

As of Feb 19, 2021, the latest version of Google TV is the Android 10 200918.015.