Chromecast with Google TV has its own Play Store to get apps and games. Similar to smartphones and PCs, you have to update apps on your Google TV to get new features and to improve performance. Though the apps and games available for Google TV are minimal, you need to update those at least once a week.

There are two ways to install apps on Google TV. This goes the same for updates too. If you want to update apps that are installed from the Play Store, you can directly update them. If you want to update sideloaded apps, you must use the Downloader app.

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How to Update Apps on Google TV Using Play Store

1. Set up your Google TV and connect it to your home network.

2. Navigate to the Home screen on your device by pressing the Home button on the Google TV remote.

3. On the home screen, go to the Your Apps section.

go to your apps section on google tv

4. Now, you will see all the apps you have installed on your Chromecast with Google TV.

5. Choose the app you want to update using the remote. In our case, we chose the Sling TV app.

6. Press and hold the OK button. You will find the pop-up menu with three options: Move, Open, and View Details.

7. Click on the View Details option.

tap view details to update apps on google tv

8. You get two buttons, Update and Uninstall.

click update to update apps on google tv

9. Now, tap the Update button. The new update will be installed.

10. Once it is updated successfully, tap on the Open button to launch the app.

tap open button on the screen

How to Update Sideloaded Apps on Google TV

To update sideloaded apps on Google TV, you have to get the download link for the latest version of the specified app. You can get the link from any of the Play Store clone websites. Before getting into the steps, uninstall the app that you are going to update.

1. Make sure that you have enabled the developer mode and turned on the Install Unknown Apps toggle for the Downloader app. These are the same things that you have done while sideloading the app.

Developer mode on Google TV

2. Open the Downloader app on your Google TV.

Install Downloader on Google TV

3. Go to the Search bar and enter the URL of the app that you want to update.

URL for the updated app

4. Tap the Go button to get the APK file.

5. Click the Install button to install the latest version of the app.

6. Open the app and access all the new features.

That’s all about updating apps on your Chromecast with Google TV. Apart from Google TV, you can use the same steps to update applications on Realme 4K Stick.


1. Is Auto Update Apps feature available on Google TV?

No, the streaming device is yet to have this Auto-Update Apps feature. You have to update the apps manually.