Rally Fury is a phenomenal rally racing game that everyone will like to play the game. The game will provide you full-fledged experience. Further, Rally Fury is a top-tier racing game with features like stellar visuals, realistic physics, and more features that will attract you to play the game. As you reach more levels, you can unlock and drive many stunning vehicles. You can even customize your cars in different ways as you like. If you are new to play this game, the tutorial will help you to play the game flawlessly. The best part of this game is some of the most realistic physics while playing the game. Now, get into this article to know how to add and play Rally Fury on Google TV.

install and play Rally fury on Google TV

How to Add and Play Rally Fury on Chromecast with Google TV

1. Click the Search menu from the Google TV home screen and select the Search for Apps tile.

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2. Type as Downloader in the search bar with the help of an on-screen keyboard.

3. Then, select the app from the search results and click on Install to install Downloader on Google TV.

click install to install downloader on google tv to play Rally fury on Google TV

4. Return to the Google TV home screen and navigate to Settings –> Apps –> Device Preferences.

5. Further, click on Security & Restrictions on the next screen.

6. Select Unknown Sources and select Downloader, and toggle the switch on.

enable the unknown source for downloader app

7. Now, proceed to launch the Downloader app and click the Home button from the left pane.

8. Enter the download link of Rally Fury apk and click the Go button.

enter the download link to download Rally fury on Google TV

9. Once the apk file gets downloaded, click on Install to install Rally Fury on Google TV.

10. When installed, click Open to launch the app.

11. Then, choose any rally car to drive, and you can select the best match for you.

12. You just have to tilt your device screen or touch your steering wheel to control the car.

play Rally fury on Google TV

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How to Play Rally Fury Game on Google TV

1. Launch the Rally Fury app and wait for few seconds for the game to load.

2. Next, click on START to begin the game.

3. Then, Accept or click on No Thanks to the privacy policy.

4. Further, select your STEERING mode TILT or TOUCH. You can change the STEERING mode in the pause menu.

5. Go ahead to choose your Camera View.

6. You can Accelerate with the button given below And Boost your car using the right-side button.

7. Now, start playing the game on Google TV.

play rally fury on google tv

Rally Fury is one of the most enjoyable off-road racing games on Chromecast with Google TV. You can play this game on Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV Pro, SkyStream, Fire TV devices, and more. The game is really easy to play. Was this article helpful to you? Kindly comment below.