Reddit is a well-known social media website that helps people to discuss, think, laugh, and get in-depth information about any topic. It is an entirely free service, so anyone can post, share, vote, and discuss. Mostly, youngsters love to use Reddit to acquire a lot of information. As of September 2021, Reddit is the 19th most visited website in the world. After having the website for a long, they have introduced the app as Reddit. The website and app’s main concept is that the users can post any question on the message boards called subreddits, and other users can comment up or downvote the post. The posts include images and videos too. Further, the most popular stories and posts will be more visible and will generate more discussion. Proceed with the article to know how to access Reddit on Google TV.

install and use Reddit on Google TV

How to Install Reddit on Chromecast with Google TV

As of now, Reddit isn’t available for Google TV. So, we are going to sideload the app on Google TV.

Upgrade to Chromecast With Google TV

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1. First, install the Downloader app on Google TV.

install downloader on google tv

2. On the Google TV home screen, click the Profile icon and select the Settings option.

3. Under Settings, click on the System option.

4. Then, click About on the next screen.

click about to install Reddit on Google TV

5. Now, tap on Android TV OS build continuously to enable the developer mode.

click on Android TV OS build to enable the developer mode

6. Return back to the home screen and select Apps from Settings.

7. Open Security & Restrictions and select the Unknown Sources option.

8. Search for the Downloader app and turn on the Unknown Source toggle.

enable unknown source access for downloader app

9. Further, launch the Downloader app from the home screen and hit the Home tab.

10. Enter the download link of the Reddit app in the URL field and click the Go button.

enter the download link to download Reddit on Google TV

11. When the Reddit apk file is downloaded, click Install to install the app.

12. Next, click Open to launch the app.

13. Now, start posting your question or start your discussion on Google TV using Reddit.

use reddit on google tv

Try This Way!

1. Install Puffin TV web browser on Google TV.

2. Launch the browser on your device.

3. Now, visit the Reddit website using the address bar of the browser.

access reddit on google tv

4. Further, post your questions or share your knowledge.

Reddit is the best platform to gain knowledge about anything in the world. You can access Reddit on Google TV through its app and website. Hope you found useful information about accessing Reddit on Google TV with the procedure given above in this article. If you have got any queries, specify them in the comments section.