Tubi is one of the popular American media streaming platforms owned by the Fox Corporation. This application streams a lot of quality content for free with limited commercials. The contents on Tubi TV include plenty of movies and few TV channels. Some of the popular channels on Tubi include CBC, FOX SOUL, fubo Sports Network, NBC News Now, and News 12 New York. Tubi TV supports different platforms like Android mobile, Android TV, Vizio TV, and Roku devices. But, how to get Tubi on Google TV? Let’s have a look at the procedure to watch Tubi movies on Google TV.

Tubi TV

Tubi brings you on-demand content from different providers. It includes Fox Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Metro-Golgwyn-Mayer, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, ErosSTX, and Sony Pictures.

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How to Watch Tubi on Google TV

Tubi has its official app for Chromecast with Google TV, which you can install directly from the store.

 Tubi on Google TV

Step1: Firstly, choose the Apps option from the menu.

Step2: Next, select the Search for apps option.

Step3: On the search bar, type Tubi and search for it.

Step4: Choose the Tubi TV from the search results and then Install it.

Step5: Open the Tubi app you just downloaded.

Step6: Note down the activation code displayed on your TV screen.

Step7: From a web browser on your PC or mobile, visit tubi.tv/activate to activate Tubi.

Activate Tubi on Google TV

Step8: Sign In to your Tubi account with proper credentials. Now, enter the Activation code in the space provided.

Step9: After a few minutes, the Tubi home screen will appear on your TV screen. You can enjoy streaming the content that you want.

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Cast Tubi to Google TV

Before starting ready, ensure that you have these things ready.

  • Chromecast with Google TV connected to your TV
  • Smartphone with the latest version of the Tubi app
  • A strong Wi-Fi network
  • Tubi user account

The Tubi has an official app for iPhone and Android devices. You can install them directly from the respective app store.

Step1: Turn on your devices and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step2: Open the Tubi app and Log In to the Tubi account.

Step3: You can see the Cast icon on top of your phone’s screen. Click on this icon to search for nearby devices.

Cast Icon

Step4: Now, choose your Google TV device from the list.

Step5: Finally, play your favorite content on Tubi and enjoy watching it on the TV screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Tubi TV really free?

Yes. Tubi TV is completely free to watch all the available content. But, you will get limited commercials in between the media content.

2. Is Tubi TV safe?

Yes. The service is completely legal and safe to stream on all countries.