Astro stands short for All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator. It is a Malaysian satellite television provider that broadcasts a wide variety of titles. Astro IPTV services were launched in 2011 with HD broadcasts. It brings you thousands of video-on-demand titles from the network. Upon downloading it, you shall get entertained with titles you love to watch. It features 60000+ VODs and 100 TV channels. Astro GO supports recording titles 7 days in advance with 200 hours of free storage through Cloud Recording. It is possible to access Astro GO on Google TV besides using Astro GO on iOS and Android devices.

Astro Go

What’s on Astro GO?

Astro streams a variety of content, including live sports and VOD titles.

  • Astro GO streams classic films, the latest movies, and award-winning movies.
  • Also, it streams movies and series in different languages like English, Korean, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, and Hindi.
  • Popular movies include Joker, The Conjuring, IT, Jumanji, Parasite, Reset, and Infernal Affairs.
  • Popular series on Astro GO includes Game of Thrones, Line Walker, Penthouse, Mouse, Memorist, and Kairos.
  • You can watch HD sports, including La Liga, UEFA Europa League, and Bundesliga.
  • It offers an enhanced search feature, and you will find programs by title, actor, or director.
  • Further, it has shows for your kids like Mr. Bean, Didi & Friends, and Upin & Ipin.

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How to Add Astro GO on Google TV

One-Step Guide: On Google TV Home screen, click Search icon >> Type Astro Go >> Select the app >> Tap Install.

We have an official Astro GO app in the Play store. Let’s add this channel with these simple steps.

1. Power on your TV after connecting your Chromecast with Google TV device to it.

2. Select the Search menu available on your home screen.

Tap Search on Google TV

3. Search for the Astro GO app using the search bar.

4. Further, pick the Astro GO channel from the search results.

5. Click on the Install button.

6. Wait for the download to finish.

7. Launch the Astro Go app after installation and sign in to the app using your account credentials.

8. Play your favorite video content and enjoy streaming it on Google TV.

Stream Astro Go on Google TV

How to Cast Astro GO on Google TV

The Astro GO app is available for download on both iOS as well as Android platforms. However, this app is not cast-supported. So, we need to cast the smartphone on Google TV to access Astro GO.

1. Turn on your TV and connect your Chromecast with a Google TV dongle

2. Connect your Google TV to a strong Wi-Fi network.

3. Further, connect your Android device to the same network. This will ensure casting between the two devices.

4. On your smartphone, install the Astro GO app from the Play Store or App Store. After installing, sign in to the app using the required credentials.

Install Astro Go from Play Store
Install Astro Go from App Store

5. Now, go to the Control Center panel on your smartphone.

6. Locate and select the Cast icon (Android) or Screen Mirroring icon (iOS).

7. Now, a list of devices will appear on the screen. Choose your Chromecast device from the list.

8. Open the Astro GO app on your smartphone.

9. As your smartphone screen is mirrored, you’ll be able to see Astro Go app interface on Google TV. Play your desired video content and enjoy streaming it on a larger screen.

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Astro GO has titles in different genres and languages. Additionally, you find over 100 Live TV channels. Also, you can stream the biggest live sports action in HD quality. It lets you download your favorite shows and stream them offline. Stream Astro GO on up to four devices with a single account. Astro GO has content for everyone in the family. If you’ve any queries, leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to download Astro Go on Android TV?

You can download the Astro Go app directly from the Play Store on Android TV. Just go to the Play Store, search for the Astro Go app and install it.

2. Is the Astro Go app free to use?

No. The Astro Go app is a premium subscription service that offers three types of subscription plans.