Beach Buggy is a racing video game developed by Vector Unit. Here, players attempt to finish first in a series of races, ultimately facing a boss who becomes playable once you have beat him or her. The players are going to have a race in an action-packed and surprise-filled world. It is a free-to-download gaming app. Further, it has 6 different games modes to test your skills. You are going to have an infinite drive, and thus, you can drive as far as possible. And you can collect coins while driving, and that can be used to upgrade your car, unlock new vehicles and drivers, and get new power-ups. Start your race by installing the Beach Buggy game on your Chromecast with Google TV.

install and play Beach Buggy on Google TV

How to Add Beach Buggy on Chromecast with Google TV

1. From your Google TV home screen, click the Apps tab from the top.

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click apps to play Beach Buggy on Google TV

2. Click the Search for Apps button from the bottom of the screen.

3. The search bar will appear. Type Beach Buggy and search for it.

4. Select the Beach Buggy app and click the Install button.

5. When installed, click Open to launch the Beach Buggy app.

How to Play Beach Buggy on Google TV

1. Launch the app, and the game will start loading.

2. Once loaded, click the Play button.

3. Further, select the type of steering Tilt, or Touch.

4. To steer, you can press the Play button from left or right.

5. To brake, press the brake pedals by touching the bottom half of the screen.

6. Now, start your drive to the hill without smashing any of the fruit carts.

play Beach Buggy on Google TV

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Alternative Way to Play Beach Buggy on Google TV

1. Install the Downloader app on your Google TV.

click install to install downloader app

2. Now, go to Settings from your Profile menu.

3. On the Settings menu, choose the System option and select About.

click about to play Beach Buggy on Google TV

4. Scroll down and tap Android TV OS build seven times.

5. You will get the developer pop-up.

click on android tv os build to enable the developer mode

6. Now, go back to the Settings and choose Apps.

7. Select the Security & Restrictions and open the Unknown Sources.

8. Find the Downloader app and turn on the Unknown Sources toggle.

enable the unknown source for downloader app

9. Now, open the Downloader on your Google TV.

10. Click the Home button to get the search bar.

11. Enter the Beach Buggy apk download link on the search bar to download the app and click the Go button.

enter the download link to download Beach Buggy on Google TV

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12. Once the apk file gets downloaded, you can proceed to tap the Install button.

13. Then, open the app and play the game on your Google TV.

You can play the Beach Buggy game in the way you want with up to four friends on your Google TV. You get 25 unique power-ups to enhance your race. Further, you can also compete with your friends on leaderboards and earn achievements. Is this article useful? Comment below.