GSE Smart IPTV is probably the best app for streaming IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) contents. It is a simple IPTV player which lets you stream media content by configuring the IPTV provider login credentials. GSE Smart IPTV doesn’t stream any content without configuring the IPTV details. It is one of the few IPTV players which supports EPG (Electronic Program Guide). If you’re a Google TV user, you can install GSE Smart IPTV to watch the media content on a big screen. As the GSE Smart IPTV is officially available for Google TV, you don’t need any third-party sideloading tools to install this player. With-in the player, you can switch between the 30+ languages with ease. This article covers the installation procedure of GSE Smart IPTV on Google TV.

GSE Smart IPTV on Google TV

How to Install GSE Smart IPTV on Google TV

Short Guide: On Google TV home screen, click Search >> Type GSE Smart IPTV >> Select the app >> Tap Install

Before following the steps listed below, make sure to connect and set up the Chromecast with Google TV.

Upgrade to Chromecast With Google TV

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Step1: Firstly, turn on your Google TV and go to the home screen.

Google TV Home Screen

Step2: Secondly, go to the Search tab on your screen and search for GSE Smart IPTV.

Step3: Select the app from the search results, and then select Install.

Step4: Wait for the app to install and then click the Open button to launch it.

Step5: Now, follow the on-screen prompts to get into the app.

Step6: Choose the login method that you want.

  • Choose ‘Remote playlist’ for M3U URLs
  • Choose ‘Xtream Codes API’ for username and password login.

Step7: After logging in, you can stream the content of your IPTV provider.

How to Cast GSE Smart IPTV on Google TV

As GoogleTV has built-in Chromecast support, you can even cast GSE Smart IPTV from your smartphone.

Step1: Connect your GoogleTV and the GSE Smart IPTV installed on Android or iPhone to the same WiFi network.

Step2: Launch the app and click on the + icon in the app. Based on the IPTV provider, choose between the ‘Add M3U’ or ‘Add JSON URL’ options.


Step3: Enter the credentials of your IPTV provider and tap the ‘Add’ button.

Step4: Wait for GSE Smart IPTV to load all contents associated with your IPTV subscription. Once the media is displayed, click the ‘Cast’ icon in the top-right corner.

Click Cast

Step5: It will show the list of all the nearby devices to cast with. Click on the name of your Google TV from the list.

Step6: Finally, play any content on the phone and it will be played on the TV as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GSE Smart IPTV free?

Yes, the GSE Smart IPTV app is free to install and use. However, it doesn’t provide any content to stream. You can use it as a media player to stream the content offered by your IPTV provider.

2. Can I stream local media files with GSE Smart IPTV?

Yes. You can also stream the media files locally stored on your device. It supports all kinds of video files.