Google TV or Chromecast with Google TV is the recently launched streaming device. It brings to you plenty of movies, series, shows, documentaries, and much more from different apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Paramount+, etc. At times, you may encounter few errors like apps freezing on particular screen, streaming a particular movie or tv shows on particular app, and many more. As a part of troubleshooting, the first thing you want to do is clearing cache on the device. It will fix the basic streaming issues on your device. Here is the guide to clear cache on your Chromecast with Google TV.

Chromecast with Google TV

Steps to Clear Cache on Chromecast with Google TV

Step1: On your Google TV home screen, click on the user profile icon.

Step2: Choose the Settings option.

Google TV Settings

Step3: Next, select the Apps option.

Clear Cache on Chromecast with Google TV

Step4: Further, find the app you have a problem with. If you can’t find the app, select the See All Apps option and choose your app.

Step5: Scroll down to select the Clear Cache option.

Step6: Finally, select OK.

Step7: Now, restart your Google TV and then use the app without any issues.

Steps to Clear Cache on Google TV App

If you want to clear the cache on the Google TV app (previously known as Google Play Movies), here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step1: Open the Settings app on your Android device.

Step2: Tap the App & Notifications option.

Step3: Choose the See all apps menu.

Step4: Tap on the Google TV option.

Step5: Select the Storage & Cache option.

Step6: Finally, select the Clear cache option.

Wrapping Up

In general terms, a cache is a reserved storage location that collects and stores data so that the app will load and run faster. However, it consumes a lot of space on your device, and a corrupted cache might make the app run badly. Clearing cache on your device can be part of troubleshooting or general maintenance of the device.