Kayo Sports app is an Australian sports streaming service from Streamotion. There are more than 50 sports events, including AFL, BBL, Formula 1, NBA, NBL, NFL, UFC, Tennis, etc. It brings both live sports and on-demand content for the users. The content on Kayo includes Fox Sports, ESPN, beIN Sports, and Racing.com. All the contents on Kayo are in English and are available in Australia. Since Kayo is a multi-platform app, you can stream it on Apple TV, Android TVs, iOS, and Android devices. In the lineup of streaming players, you can also access Kayo Sports on Google TV.

Kayo Sports

SplitView on Kayo

One of the attractive features of Kayo is its SplitView feature. With this feature, you can see up to 4 different videos on devices. In Google TV, Kayo works a bit differently from that of other devices and gives you two different screens. You can activate the SplitView on Kayo, and it works similar to the Picture in Picture feature. With the Split Screen feature on Kayo, you can view the main contents on full screen with additional secondary content on a smaller screen.

Upgrade to Chromecast With Google TV

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Stream Kayo Sports on Google TV

Kayo Sports on Google TV

We can download the Kayo Sports channel on Google TV by following the steps given below.

Stream Kayo Sports on Google TV

[1] Firstly, from the home screen of Google TV, select Apps on the navigational menu.

[2] Secondly, choose the Search for apps option.

[3] Next, type and search for the Kayo Sports app on the search bar.

[4] Click the Install button and wait for the Kayo app download to end.

[5] Next, Sign In to your account with the necessary credentials.

Note: As of now, you can’t Sign Up to Kayo using Chromecast with Google TV. So make sure to Sign In using a web browser on your PC or Smart Phone.

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Alternative Method: Chromecast Kayo Sports on Google TV

You can Chromecast the Kayo on Google TV from different devices, like Android, iOS, and PC. Before starting, ensure that you have these ready.

  • 1. Chromecast with GoogleTV
  • 2. Any of the casting devices (Android, iOS device, PC, or Mac)
  • 3. Strong Wi-Fi network
  • 4. A Kayo Sports account

From Android or iOS devices

[1] Firstly, make sure to connect your Android or iOS device and Chromecast with Google TV to the same Wi-Fi.

[2] Download the Kayo app from Play Store or App Store on your Android and iOS devices, respectively.

[3] Launch the app and Sign In to the Kayo account with the login credentials on the Android device 

[4] Now, you will get the home page of the Kayo app.

[5] On the top of each page on Kayo, you can see a Cast icon. Tap the icon.

Cast icon

[6] From the list of all available devices, select your Chromecast device.

[7] Finally, play the content you need to stream and watch it on your Google TV.

You can close the Kayo app on your phone to use any other application. Screencasting will not affect the playback on Google TV.

From PCs and Mac

You can cast the Kayo from its website on Chromecast with Google TV as well. Make sure to use the latest version of Chrome for the same. Let’s start casting.

[1] Connect both your Chromecast with Google TV and PC or Mac to the same Wi-Fi network.

[2] Open the latest version of Chrome web browser on your Mac or Windows PC.

[3] Next, visit the Kayo Sports website.

Cast Kayo

[4] You should now Log In to your Kayo account and wait for the home page of Kayo to load itself.

[5] Select the Cast icon at the top of the page to enable casting. otherwise, right-click on the Chrome browser and choose Cast.

[6] Next, select your Chromecast device from the available devices.

[7] Finally, choose the program you want to watch and stream it on Goggle TV.

That was all the possible ways in which you can watch Kayo Sports on Google TV. With the Key Moments, you shall watch the best bits that matter to you in select matches. All the live content of the Kayo app is available in HD quality. Overall, it is a worth streaming sports app on Google TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Google TV have Kayo?

Yes, you can download the Kayo Sports app on Chromecast with Google TV. Read the above article to know more about the same.

2. What TVs are compatible with Kayo?

Kayo is available on Android TVs running on Android TV OS of version 7.0 and above. 

3. Is Kayo Sports free?

Kayo Sports offers a 14-day free trial. It is a premium service where its Basic plan costs $25/mo, and the Premium plan costs $35/mo.