Firefox or Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers used along with Google Chrome. It supports all kinds of platforms which had support for internet connections. As far as Chromecast with Google TV is concerned, Firefox is not available as a standalone browser. Since Google TV was developed for streaming purposes, there is no support for Firefox, Chrome, or any other popular web browsers. However, you can sideload the Firefox Andriod version on Google TV to browse web pages on bigger screens. This article covers the steps to install Mozilla Firefox on Google TV.


Features of Firefox

Let’s have a look at some of the attractive features of Firefox.

Firefox on Google TV
  • The unified search bar on Firefox displays suggestions from history, tags, and bookmarks.
  • Use Private browsing to surf the important web pages without leaving a history.
  • Link the same Firefox account to sync all your browsing information in one place.
  • Keep track of your important sites with bookmarks, pin tabs, and screenshot options.
  • Customizable menu and toolbars along with support to change the theme.
  • Improve the browsing experience by adding various plugins from the store.

How to Install Mozilla Firefox on Google TV

Installing Firefox on Google TV involves three important parts:

  • Installing Downloader on Google TV
  • Enable Unknown Sources for Google TV
  • Sideload Firefox on Google TV Using Downloader

Install Downloader on Google TV

Step1: Select the Search menu on your home screen.

Step2: On the search bar, type and search for the Downloader app.

Step3: Select the Downloader by AFTV news from the search results.

Step4: Click on the Install button and wait for the installation process to complete.

Click Install

Enable Unknown Sources for Google TV

After installing the Downloader app on Google TV, you need to make a few changes to the device settings for installing apps from third-party sources.

Step1: On your home screen, select your profile icon (top right corner) and choose the Settings option.

Step2: Next, click on the Device Preferences option.

Step3: Further, tap the Security and Restrictions option and then choose the Unknown sources options.

Step4: Select Downloader and enable the settings.

Enable downloader to get Firefox on Google TV

Install Firefox on Google TV

Step1: Launch the Downloader app on your TV. When prompted, click on Allow.

Step2: Enter in the URL section.

Enter the Firefox apk link

Step3: Click on the Go option to download the Firefox apk file.

Step4: After downloading the app, Install it on your Google TV.

Step5: Finally, launch the Firefox app on the home screen.

Step6: Choose either the Keep Turbo Mode Enabled or Turn Turbo Mode off option.

Step7: Finally, the home page of Firefox will appear on the screen. Now you can start browsing the web pages on your TV.

View Firefox on Google TV

As you have sideloaded the Android version of Firefox, you may find a few navigation problems while browsing. Hence, it is advisable to browse the Firefox-supported pages for a better browsing experience.

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How to Cast Mozilla Firefox to Google TV

Before following the steps below, make sure to connect the android phone and Google TV to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step1: On your android phone, launch Google Play Store.

Step2: Search for the Mozilla Firefox app and install it on your android phone.

Step3: After installing the app, go to Notification Panel on your smartphone and click the Cast icon.

Click the Cast icon

Step4: Select the Google TV device name from the list.

Step5: Now, you will see the smartphone screen on Google TV.

Step6: Open the Mozilla Firefox app on your android phone and browse using the app.

Firefox on Google TV

Step7: As the screens are mirrored, you will find the same screen on Google TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get Firefox on Google TV?

Yes. You can install Firefox on Google TV using the Downloader app.

2. Is Mozilla Firefox safe to use?

Mozilla Firefox is a safe and highly secure browser to use.