News360 is a news aggregation app. The app attempts to learn a user’s interests by analyzing their interaction with news stories on the app. It provides unique and relevant content for all users. As of now, 7 million users are using the News360 app. Further, it brings you the most interesting stories about various topics. You can select your favorite topic, and you will get the relevant stories based on that. The app gets information from more than 100,000 sources. Furthermore, the app has a wonderful user interface that lets you quickly what you want. With this app, you will get depth-knowledge about your interesting topics. From this section, you shall learn to add and watch News360 on Chromecast with Google TV.

install news360 on google tv

How to Add News360 on Chromecast with Google TV

News360 is compatible with Google TV, so you can install the app directly from the Play Store.

Upgrade to Chromecast With Google TV

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1. On the home screen, choose the Apps option.

click apps from the home screen

2. Select the Search for apps option from the menu.

3. Further, search for the News360 app by typing it on the search bar.

4. Select the News360 app from the search results and click Install to install the app.

5. Wait until the app gets installed on your device.

6. Then, click Open to launch the app.

7. Start reading the news stories on your Google TV.

start reading news stories from news360 on google tv

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Alternative Way

The alternative way is screen mirroring. You can mirror your Android screen to access News360 on Chromecast with Google TV. Before proceeding with the steps, connect your both devices under the same network.

1. Install the News360 app from Google Play Store.

2. Go to the Notification Panel and select the Cast or Smart View option.

click the cast icon to access news360 on google tv

3. Select your Google TV device from the available devices.

4. Now, your Android screen will mirror your TV screen.

5. Launch the News360 app and watch the stories you like from your TV.

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The noticeable thing about this app is that you can read and share news without even opening the app using the News360 widget. Further, you can read the stories offline too. Apart from Google TV, you can access News360 on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and the web.