Haystack News is all you need to listen to the news and things happening around the world without a cable TV connection. Initially, it was Haystack TV, and later it got rebranded to Haystack news. You can watch the latest politics, local, national, and world news on the Haystack News streaming app. It brings news from popular news organizations such as AP, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, etc. Further, it allows you to stream local and global news from hundreds of channels. Moreover, it is a free streaming service. Further, Haystack News provides both on-demand and live streaming news. And the number of ads on Haystack is less than the ads on traditional TV, improving their viewer’s experience and adding to this service’s value. Further, the app is compatible with Chromecast. So, if you want to watch Haystack News on Google TV, you can directly install and watch from Play Store, or you can cast the app from your smartphone.

watch haystack news on google tv

How to Watch Haystack News on Google TV

Installing Haystack News on Google TV is straightforward, as the app is available on the Play Store.

1. Launch the Google TV and connect it to the Wifi network.

2. Click the Search menu from the top panel.

click the search icon from the home screen

3. Type and search for Haystack News using the virtual keyboard.

search for haystack news to install on google tv

4. Pick the app from the suggestions and click on Install to install the app on Google TV.

5. When the app is installed, click on Open to launch the app.

6. Then, watch the news from Haystack News on your TV.

stream haystack news on google tv

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Alternative Method: Cast Haystack News to Google TV

Haystack News is compatible with Chromecast, so you can easily cast the app to your Google TV and watch the news channels.

1. Make sure to connect your smartphone and Google TV to the same Wifi network.

2. Download and install Haystack News from Play Store and App Store.

3. Further, launch the app and play the news video that you want to watch from the Haystack News app.

4. Hit the Cast icon from the top corner of the screen.

click the cast icon

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5. Go ahead to find your Google TV device and select it.

6. Upon successful casting, you can continue streaming the show on your Google TV.

Haystack News is the best streaming service for the cord-cutters, those who are looking for adequate news coverage for free. With this app, stream news 24/7 on your Chromecast with Google TV. If you have any questions, please drop a comment.