SHOWTIME is a premium streaming service from ViacomCBS. It brings to you mind-blowing original series and movies. Also, you can stream boxing, MMA matches, and stand-up comedies. SHOWTIME also has sixteen channels, out of which eight have 24/7 feed. You can stream live TV or watch on-demand titles on the go. It doesn’t require a cable subscription, and you can cancel its subscription at your convenience. You can download and watch full episodes, movies, etc., offline. SHOWTIME library gets updated with new content, and you will find great contents to watch every time. While SHOWTIME is accessible from different devices, this section deals with SHOWTIME on Google TV.


What’s on SHOWTIME?

The SHOWTIME library features mind-blowing content for you. It includes movies, series, documentaries, and sports. Popular Showtime content includes American Rust, Back to Life, Billions, Brotherhood, and The curse. Also, Showtime has attractive channels for everyone. Some of the SHOWTIME channels are as follows.

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Showtime on Google TV

1. SHOWTIME: It streams movies, comedy shows, boxing, and MMA events. Further, it streams popular Original Showtime series.

2. SHOWTIME2: It is a secondary channel that streams a separate schedule of movies and series.

3. SHOWTIME Showcase: It streams movies of different genres like science fiction, horror, and fantasy.

4. SHOxBET: SHOxBET mainly focuses on African American audiences. It streams specially scripted content.

Further, it has other channels like SHOWTIME Family Zone, SHOWTIME Women, and SHOWTIME Extreme.

Showtime on Google TV

How to Add SHOWTIME on Google TV?

SHOWTIME has its Google TV channel with a fun-filled library for you. Follow these steps and add SHOWTIME.

1. Turn on your TV and then connect your Google TV device.

2. Go ahead and select the Search menu on your home screen.

3. Search for the SHOWTIME app on the search bar.

4. Further, pick the SHOWTIME channel from the search results.

5. Finally, click on the Install button.

6. Wait for the installation of SHOWTIME on Google TV to end.

Alternative Ways to Stream SHOWTIME

Now, let’s look at the alternative ways to access SHOWTIME. We have listed the Live TV options on Google TV that has Showtime in them. You might need to add the SHOWTIME channel package to these.

Hulu + live TV

Hulu + Live TV is a live TV streaming option from Hulu. It is based on a subscription and has different plans for you. To stream SHOWTIME, you need to get a SHOWTIME add-on subscription with Hulu on Google TV.

Hulu + Live TV: Showtime on Google TV


SlingTV is another premium media streaming service. It has two basic plans, Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Users can customize their subscriptions with additional add-on packages. You shall get SHOWTIME extra add-on and watch SHOWTIME content.

Sling TV


fuboTV is a popular streaming service with many channels. It has a good collection of sports and entertainment channels. Like SlingTV and Hulu, you shall stream SHOWTIME titles with the purchase of a SHOWTIME add-on on fuboTV.

fuboTV: Showtime on Google TV


AT&T TV is yet another popular streaming service to feature a wide collection of channels. It lets its users to streams channels on different subscription packages. With the AT&T TV app, you can get SHOWTIME channels.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a top-rated streaming service from Google. It comes with 70+ live channels at $64.99 per month. However, you can add additional channels, including SHOWTIME, as an add-on at an additional price.

YouTube TV

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a popular on-demand streaming service. As you might know, it has a cool collection of shows and series. If you have Prime Video on Google TV, you can add premium channels, including SHOWTIME, to your subscription.

Prime Video

SHOWTIME has an ever-expanding library of movies and series. You will not miss out on your favorite MMA stars with events like Bellator MMA. Get subscribed to SHOWTIME at just $5.99/mo to stream all of the content free of ads. Also, save your favorite shows to watch them offline. Enjoy watching star-studded content with SHOWTIME on Google TV.