YouTube Music is an audio streaming platform from YouTube, a subsidiary of Google. The app works similarly to other music streaming apps you use. It gives you song recommendations based on your likes and lets you search for songs based on genres. It also lets you create a playlist to play your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. YouTube Music is available in over 100 countries. Here, we will discuss everything about YouTube Music on Google TV.

YouTube Music

Tips – With YouTube on Google TV, you can also stream the music videos that you want.

Upgrade to Chromecast With Google TV

Still Using Chromcast, Click here to Upgrade to Chromecast With Google TV to enjoy the lastest features.

YouTube Music Subscription

A YouTube Music subscription costs only $9.99 per month and it comes with a lot of attractive features.

  • The free version plays songs from music videos, while the premium version plays official tracks.
  • Audio-only mode with background playing feature, the feature that you can’t find on free mode.
  • Further, it removes all advertisements for break-free streaming.
Add and Stream YouTube Music on Google TV

YouTube Music recommends you tracks in categories like Your Mix, Your likes, and Discover mix. Furthermore, find other tracks under different genres. Also, find brand new songs under New Releases and trending songs under charts.

Install YouTube Music on Google TV

With the release of YouTube Music, Google has migrated all the Google Play Music content to YouTube Music.

Step1: Firstly, turn on your Google TV and connect it to your TV’s HDMI port.

Step2: Go to the Apps bar and search for the YouTube Music app.

Step3: Select the app from the results and Install the YouTube Music app.

Step4: Launch the YouTube Music app and Sign In with your Google Music account.

Step5: Finally, play the songs that you want.

Alternate Method: Cast YouTube Music to Google TV

With Chromecast support, you can cast YouTube Music to Google TV. Let’s discuss in detail about the same. Before starting, make sure you have these ready.

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Smartphone (Android/iPhone) or PC

From Smartphones

Step1: Firstly, connect your Android phone/iPhone to the same Wi-Fi as Google TV.

Step2: On your smartphone, launch the YouTube Music app. If you haven’t installed it yet, get it from the respective store.

Step3: Sign in with your Google account.

Step4: Now, you will land on the homepage of the YouTube Music app. Play any music you want to listen to.

Step5: Click on the ‘Cast’ icon on the top of the screen.

Step6: From the list of available devices to cast, choose your Google TV device.

Step7: If you wish to stop the casting, click on the Cast button again.

Step8: Finally, click on the Disconnect option.

From PCs

Step1: Firstly, turn on your PC and connect to the same Wi-Fi as the Google TV.

Step2: Secondly, open the Chrome web browser on your PC.

Step3: Visit on the Chrome web browser.

Step4: Next, click the Customize and Control Google Chrome icon on your screen.

Step5: Next, click on the Cast option from the menu. Now, you can see your Google TV device on the screen.

Step6: Select your device and play the song you want.


1. Can I get YouTube Music on my Google TV without installing the app?

Yes, you can enjoy YouTube Music on your TV by casting it. Read the above article to know the steps.

2. Can you use YouTube Music offline?

Yes. With YouTube Music Premium, you can listen to your favorite songs offline as well by downloading them.