The hot topic in the streaming device is the newly launched Chromecast with Google TV. Google came up with the idea of integrating the cast feature and the ability to install apps on a streaming device. Chromecast with Google TV tick all the boxes that are left alone in the previous Chromecast device. Now, you can install apps on Google TV with ease. Here, we described how to get Amazon Prime Video on Google TV.

Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast With Google TV

In every smartphone and streaming device, there will be some pre-installed apps in it. Likewise, Google TV also has some pre-installed apps. Popular streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video are pre-installed in Google TV. If the Amazon Prime Video is not available on your Google TV, you can install the app from the Play Store.

How to Install Prime Video on Google TV?

1. Turn on your Google TV and go to the Search option on the top.

2. The Search Bar with a virtual keyboard will appear.

3. Using the remote, type Prime Video or Amazon Prime Video and click the Search icon.

Prime Video on Google TV

4. Select the Prime Video – Android TV app and click the Install button.

Install button

5. After the installation, tap the Open button to launch the Prime Video app.

Open button

6. Sign in with your Amazon account and stream your favorite video content.

Alternate Way to Stream Prime Video on Google TV

If you have the Prime Video app on your smartphone, you can cast the app to your TV as you will do for Chromecast. As the Prime Video is cast-enabled, you can easily cast the app. For that, connect your smartphone and Chromecast with Google TV to the same WiFi connection.

1. Launch the Prime Video app on your Android or iOS smartphone. If you don’t have the app, install the app from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Sign in with your Amazon account.

3. Tap the Cast icon on the bottom corner of the app.

Cast icon

4. Now, your Google TV will appear. Tap on it.

Prime Video on Google TV

5. After the casting is successful, play any video title from the Prime Video app. It will be cast on your Google TV. You can also cast the video from the playback screen.

6. If you want to stop the casting, tap the Cast icon again and choose to Stop casting.

Prime Video on Google TV

Prime Video is available in most countries. With that, the video contents available in one country may not be available in another country. For instance, the movies in the US won’t be available in the UK. To get international content on Prime Video without any restrictions, use ExpressVPN on Google TV.

With these two ways, you can watch Amazon Prime Videos on your Chromecast with Google TV. Without an active subscription, you can’t stream any movies or series from the Prime Video app. Check whether that you have an active Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Video account at your disposal. If you face any issues while streaming Prime Video, tell us in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you watch Amazon Prime on Google TV?

Yes, you can install or cast the Prime Video app on your Google TV.

2. How do I add Amazon Prime to my Google TV?

Amazon Prime comes as a pre-installed app on your Google TV. But, you can also install the Prime Video app from the Play Store.

3. How to fix Prime Video not working on Google TV?

If you have any issues while streaming the Prime Video app, try the below-mentioned fixes.

  • Restart your Google TV,
  • Check the internet connection,
  • Sign out of your Amazon account and sign in again,
  • Uninstall the app and install it again.