Dailymotion is a French video sharing and streaming platform. This app lets the users upload and watch videos in it. The concept and interface of Dailymotion are pretty much similar to that of YouTube. It also plays ads and lets the users monetize their video uploads. This app is widely used across the world and has about 43 localized versions. Furthermore, Dailymotion is available in 149 countries and supports 183 languages. The Dailymotion has an app in the Playstore and can be installed on Google TV.

However, in 2007 Dailymotion was held liable for copy-right infringement. This doesn’t mean that all the contents in Dailymotion are illegal. The court said that some users of Dailymotion had uploaded copyrighted content to it and the app knew about it. However, this doesn’t affect the apps existence and anyone can use, and upload videos on Dailymotion.

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How to Install Dailymotion on Google TV?

The Daily motion has its app on the Google Play Store for access. This app can also be accessed on Google TV. Let’s learn how to download this app on Google TV.

1. Firstly, on your Google TV, go to the home screen to download the app.

Google TV homecsreen

2. Search for the ‘Dailymotion’ app on the search bar.

3. From the search results, select the Dailymotion app and then click on the Install button. The installation of the app begins and you should wait for it to complete.

4. Next, click on the ‘Open’ button to open the app.

5. Sign into the app with credentials. Open the app and play contents from Dailymotion on Google TV

Dailymotion on Google TV

With this, you have downloaded the Dailymotion app on Google TV. Further, play the contents from Dailymotion on Google TV.

Alternative Method: Cast Dailymotion on Chromecast with Google TV

Using Chromecast on Google TV, we can cast apps from the phone and the web on Google TV. Now let’s discuss how to cast Dailymotion on Google TV with Chromecast.

Cast Dailymotion on Google TV from Android and iPhones:

We know that the Dailymotion app is available on the Play Store for download on smartphones. Now let’s learn how to download this on the phone and then cast it on TV.

1. Firstly, turn on your TV and connect the Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your TV. Connect the Chromecast device to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone.

2. Secondly, from the Play Store, install the Dailymotion application and sign in with credentials. If you already have an app, just open it.

3. Next, go to the Settings menu on your phone and click on the Connected Devices option.

Connected Devices

4. Next, click on the Connected Preferences option and then on the Cast option.

Dailymotion on Google TV

5. Next, a list of available devices to cast with is displayed. Choose the name of your Chromecast device from this list to cast.

6. On the screen of your phone, choose the ‘Start Now’ option.  

7. Finally, play the show or movie from Dailymotion on your phone and cast it on Google TV.

From Chrome Browser on PC and Mac:

Dailymotion can be used from the Chrome browser of your PC and Mac from their website. Dailymotion can be cast from this website on Google TV.

1. Firstly, turn on your devices and make sure to connect both of these to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Secondly, from the Chrome browser of your PC, visit the Dailymotion website and sign in with credentials.

3. Next, play any content on the website to cast them. Click on the customize button that has three dots one below the other in it.

Three-dotted menu icon

4. From this choose the Cast option.

5. Next, find your Chromecast device from the list of devices. Further, Click on the Sources option to cast.

Dailymotion on Google TV

6. Finally, select the Cast Tab option to establish casting.

With this, you have cast Dailymotion to your Google TV with Chromecast. Dailymotion is a very popular media platform with similarities to YouTube. Furthermore, Dailymotion is free to download and free to use. It has content about as much as YouTube. The contents include music, videos, and sports. Similar to YouTube, you can upload and monetize videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I get Dailymotion on my TV?

Yes, Dailymotion has released their app for Smart TVs and you can get it from the PlayStore.

2. How can I play Dailymotion videos on my Smart TV?

Dailymotion has an app available for Smart TVs on the Play Store. Furthermore, you can cast it from the phone and from the website. Please read the above article to understand more about the same.