Esquire Network is an American pay television network that broadcasts TV shows in different categories like cooking, fashion, sitcoms, dramas, sports, fashion, travel, and more. In the beginning, it was called Style Network. Then, when it sold its 50/50 stakes to NBCUniversal and Hearst Corporation, it was renamed, Esquire. However, this network is closed on all cable TV networks. At present, Esquire is available only on Amazon Firestick and Roku streaming devices. If you want to stream Esquire on Chromecast with Google TV, stream it from the official website. Look at this guide to know the possible ways to watch Esquire on Google TV.

Esquire on Google TV

How to Watch Esquire on Google TV

For now, you can only screen mirror Esquire. There are two ways to screen mirror on Google TV. They are listed below.

Upgrade to Chromecast With Google TV

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  1. Cast Esquire from Smartphone.
  2. Cast Esquire from PC.

Steps to Cast from Android Smartphone

1. Connect your Google TV and Android device to the same Wi-Fi connection.

2. Click the Cast option on the Notification Panel.

click cast option

3. Select your Google TV from the list of devices available.

4. Open the Chrome browser and visit the website.

5. Login with the necessary credentials and play any video to watch.

sign in with your credentials

6. As the android phone screen is mirrored, you’ll be able to see the video content on Google TV.

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Steps to Cast Esquire to Google TV from iPhone/iPad

1. Ensure that you have connected your iOS device and Google TV under the same Wifi network.

2. Download and install the Replica app from the App Store.

3. Launch the Application and select your Google TV device.

select google tv to watch Esquire on Google TV

4. Further, click the Start Broadcast option. Now, the iOS device screen is mirrored to Google TV.

click start broadcast to watch Esquire on Google TV

5. Open Safari browser on iPhone/iPad and visit Then, sign in to your account.

6. Select and play your favorite video. You’ll see the video content on both iOS and Google TV.

Stream Esquire

Steps to Cast from PC to Chromecast with Google TV

1. On your PC, Open the Google Chrome browser and go to

2. Sign in with your login credentials.

sign in with your credentials

3. Play any show and right-click on the video.

4. Click the Cast option from the menu.

click the cast option to watch Esquire on Google TV

5. Select your Google TV from the list, and the selected video will stream on your Google TV.

That’s it. These are the possible ways to watch Esquire. It provides content in different categories for all age groups people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get Esquire on Google TV?

Esquire is not available for Google TV. The only way to get Esquire on Google TV is by screen mirroring. To know more, refer to the blog.

2. Can I cast Esquire from PC to Google TV?

Yes. You can cast Esquire from your PC using Chrome Browser.