Google Drive is one of the essential apps in our life. With a valid Gmail account, you will get free 15GB of cloud storage. And you can access the Google Drive file at any time you want. You can access Google Drive on a smartphone app or by using the website. For Google TV, you have to use third-party installers to get the Google TV app or cast the app from your smartphone.

Though the Google TV device is developed by Google, most of the Google apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Drive are not available for the device. You have to sideload the apps on your Google TV.

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How to Sideload Google Drive on Google TV

To sideload Google Drive, you need the Downloader app on Google TV. Also, note that you are going to sideload Google Drive based on the Android version.

1. On the home screen of your Google TV, click on the Search icon.

Search option

2. Type Downloader using the on-screen keyboard and then click on search.

3. From the search results, select the Downloader app.

4. Now, click on Install.

installing downloader

5. Then, go to Google TV Settings and choose System.

System option

6. Tap the About option.

7. Click the Android TV OS built seven times to enable the developer mode.

Developer mode on Google TV

8. Now, go back to the Settings menu and click the Apps option.

Apps on Google TV

9. Choose the Security and Restrictions feature.

Security & Restrictions

10. Select Unknown Sources and turn on the Downloader toggle.

enabling downloader to install unknown apps

11. After that, open the Downloader app.

12. Download the AFTVnews Plugin using the URL (

13. Then, enter the Google Drive APK URL and click on Go. The download process will begin.

entering google drive apk url

14. Then, click on the Install button.

15. Select Open to launch the app.

16. Access Google Drive files on your Google TV.

How to Cast Google Drive on Google TV

You can easily access the app on your Google TV by casting it. To cast, you need to install Google Drive on your Android or iOS smartphone using Google Play Store or App Store. The Cast option is available only for media files like images, music, videos, and slideshows. You can’t cast text files and documents.

1. Connect your Google TV and smartphone to the same WiFi network for casting.

2. On your smartphone, open the Google Drive app.

3. Access any media file on the Google Drive app.

4. Click on the Cast icon and select your Google TV from the list.

Cast Google Drive to Google TV

5. Now, you can see the media file on your Google TV.

6. If you want to access all types of files on your Google TV, click the Cast icon from the Notification Panel on your Android smartphone. Now, choose Google TV. This step does not apply to iPhone users.

Cast icon

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I watch Google Drive videos on Google TV?

You can cast the Google Drive videos from the smartphone app to your Chromecast with Google TV.