If you are a frequent user of video calling and conference attendees, you must have a video calling app like Skype on your smart devices. Nowadays, most of us have streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, or Chromecast with Google TV. The best thing about these streaming devices is that you can easily install Skype on Google TV. However, Skype is not officially available for Google TV. You have to sideload the app using any third-party installers. If your TV has a built-in camera and mic, you can get both video and audio on your TV. Otherwise, you must connect an external camera and mic to your TV. With this, you shall use Skype to make high-quality video calling and instant messaging.

Skype Features

  • You can connect with upto 24 members over HD video calls.
  • It supports one-on-one or group video calling.
  • Skype supports voice calling to mobile and landlines without charging much.
  • It includes emoticons like Giphy, and you can express yourself more.
  • With the latest update, users can use the Search option to connect with friends and family.

How to Sideload Skype on Google TV

As Skype isn’t on the Google TV Play Store, you shall need to sideload the app as an apk using the Downloader app. With that, you should enable the Unknown Sources and Developer Mode.

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Steps to Install Downloader on Google TV

(1) Go to the Apps section of your Google TV.

Apps section

(2) Search for Downloader using the Search for apps tab.

Skype on Google TV

(3) Install the Downloader app on your Google TV. If you want, check our detailed guide on how to install Downloader on Google TV.

Skype on Google TV

(4) Now, go to your Profile and choose Settings.

(5) Open the About option on the next screen.

Skype on Google TV

(6) Navigate to the Android TV OS build and tap the option seven times.

You are now a developer!

(7) With that, you will enable the Developer mode.

(8) Then, open the Apps section from the Settings menu.

(9) Select Unknown Sources and turn on the Downloader toggle.

Skype on Google TV

How to Sideload Skype on Google TV Using Downloader

(1) Open the Downloader app from the Apps section.

(2) Go to the Home tab and click the Search bar.

(3) Enter the Skype app’s download link (https://bit.ly/37CceIY) and click the Go button.

Skype on Google TV

(4) Skype apk file will be downloaded. Click the Install button to get the Skype app.

Note: If you prefer to watch Instagram Videos on Google TV, you shall need to sideload or cast it from your phone or PC.

How to Make Calls using Skype on Google TV

(1) Open the Skype app on your Google TV.

(2) Go to the Contacts menu and choose a contact.

(3) Tap the Camera icon to make a video call. For an Audio call, tap the Dail icon.

(4) Once the call is over, tap the End icon to disconnect the call.

How to Use Skype on Google TV Via Browser

Since Skype is available online, users can connect with anyone from the web browser. If you have any of the web browser on Google TV, using the Skype web version is easy. It is vital to connect a webcam to the TV. Also, you shall connect a headphone to it if the TV supports a Bluetooth.

(1) On your Google TV, launch the browser of your choice.

(2) On the address bar, type Skype web and press the Enter key.

(3) Select the official website of Skype online from the search result.

(4) Now, select the Sign in link to enter the Skype web login details or use Skype online.

(5) Select a contact to connect to and start a video or voice call or send messages.

Is WhatsApp an Idle Skype Replacement?

If your primary purpose is to make video calls, you shall use Skype. In other words, you will experience the best video calls via Skype than WhatsApp. However, if you prefer to chat over a large number of users over text, WhatsApp is an idle Skype replacement. WhatsApp is much better as it supports transferring media and files.

Since Chromecast with Google TV is an emerging streaming device, many apps have been added in the recent times. Shortly, we will get more and more apps. For the time being, you have to sideload Skype on your Google TV.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you use Skype on a TV?

Yes. However, it requires a webcam and mic.

How to get Skype on Android TV?

You can get it sideloaded on Android TV, just like Google TV.