Everyone wants to stay fit, but only a few are taking steps to stay fit. Maintaining body fitness is one of the hardest things to do. But with the Zwift app, you can easily make your fitness schedule. In the Zwift app, you can get access to more than 1,000 world-class training plans. Zwift is a subscription-based app that costs $14.99 per month. As the app is Android-based, you can install the Zwift app on your Google TV with ease. Though the Zwift app is not officially available for Google TV, you can sideload the app on Google TV with the Downloader app. In addition, you can also cast Zwift from your smartphone to TV. If you have any Zwift-support devices, you can easily pair the device to the app and compete with your friends in the virtual world.

How to Sideload Zwift on Google TV?

To sideload the Zwift app on Chromecast with Google TV, you have to tweak the TV settings a bit.

Install Downloader App

(1) Go to the Search tab on the Google TV screen.

Tap Search

(2) Type Downloader and click the Search icon.

Type Downloader

(3) Select the Install button next to the Downloader app.

Click Install

Enable Unknown Sources

(1) Once the Downloader app is installed, tap the Profile icon.

(2) Open the Settings menu and choose the About option.

About option

(3) Now, tap Android TV OS build option 5-7 times until you get the pop-up You are now a developer!.

Tap Android TV OS build

(4) Then, open the Apps tab under the Settings menu.

(5) Choose Security & Restrictions option and select the Unknown Sources option.

(6) Select the Downloader app and turn on the Unknown Sources toggle.

enable downloader

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Sideload Zwift on Google TV

(1) Open the Downloader app on your Google TV.

(2) Click the Home tab and click the URL box.

(3) Enter the Zwift app’s download link (https://bit.ly/3a5m3Au) and click the Go button.

click Go to download Zwift app on Google TV

(4) Hit the Install button on the pop-up menu.

(5) After installation, open the Zwift app and kick start your fitness goal.

How to Stream Zwift on Google TV using Smartphone

(1) Unlock your smartphone and connect it to the internet.

(2) Launch Google Play Store or App Store and search for the Zwift app.

(3) Select the app from the search results and tap the Install (Android) or Get (iOS) button to download the app.

Install Zwift app from Play Store
Install Zwift app from App Store

(4) After installing the app, open it and sign in with your login credentials.

(5) Based on the device you’re using, follow the steps listed below.

  • Android – Go to the Notification panel and tap the Screen cast icon.
  • iOS – Navigate to the Control Center panel and hit the Screen Mirroring icon.
Tap Cast on Android phone and select the Google TV
Click Screen Mirroring on iOS and select your Google TV

(6) Now, select the name of your Google TV and follow the on-screen prompts to start the screen share.

(7) After your smartphone is mirrored to your TV, open the Zwift mobile app and play your desired content to watch it on both TV and smartphone.

Sideload the Zwift app on your Google TV and tone your body with all the exercises. Get the subscription and access the virtual race locations with your friends. As the Zwift is not officially available for Google TV, you may have some technical issues with the app. If you have any of those issues, let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Zwift available on Google?

No, the Zwift app is not available on Google TV. To get Zwift, you have to sideload the app using Downloader.

2. Can you Chromecast Zwift to TV?

The Zwift app is not cast-supported. But, you can screen mirror your smartphone to the TV and can stream Zwift content on TV.

3. Is Zwift free on Google TV?

No. Zwift is a subscription service that charges $14.99/month.