The craze for classic movies and TV series will never end. If you are fond of watching old movies and TV series, you must know about Grit TV. Grit TV is a popular American television channel with a huge collection of cult classic movies and TV series. The content in the Grit TV network targets men between the ages of 25 to 54. Grit TV is very budget-friendly and costs $1.99 per month. With the subscription, you can watch all your favorites without commercials. On Grit TV, you can access content in different categories like Grindhouse Grit, Late Night Grit, Documentary, Shorts, and Original series, Horror, Series and Sequels, Western, and many more. There is no standalone app available for Grit TV. So, you can watch the content from its official website. Now, we shall learn o watch Grit TV on Chromecast with Google TV.

learn to watch grit tv on google tv

How to Watch Grit TV on Chromecast with Google TV

As said, there is no app available for Grit TV. Alternatively, you can use any web browser to access the official website of Grit TV and stream its content.

Upgrade to Chromecast With Google TV

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At present, there aren’t any browsers available for Google TV, so we need to sideload the browser apk file on the device. You can choose between any browser like Google Chrome, Puffin TV browser, Opera, Firefox, etc. Here we are going to explain the procedure with Google Chrome, and the same procedure is similar on other browsers as well.

1. Tap the Profile menu on the home screen and tap Settings.

2. Under settings, choose System and then About option.

tap about option from settings

3. Scroll down to the Android TV OS Build option. Tap on the option for about 7 times until you get You are now a developer pop up.

tap android tv os build to enable the developer mode

4. Now, install Downloader on Google TV by pressing the Search menu on the home screen.

tap install to install downloader app

5. Further, enable the unknown sources for Downloader by navigating to (Settings >> Apps >> Security and Restrictions >> Unknown Sources >> Downloader).

enable the unknown source access for downloader app

6. Launch the Downloader app and tap Allow if prompted.

7. Provide the URL link of Grit TV in the http:// field and tap the Go button.

enter the google chrome link to watch grit tv on google tv

8. Once the apk file is downloaded, tap the Install button to get the app.

9. After that tap Open to launch the app.

10. Now, visit website and Sign in with your credentials.

start watching grit tv on google tv

11. Now, you can watch Grit TV on Google TV without any issues.

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Alternate Method (Casting)

1. Connect your Android phone and Google TV to the same network connection.

2. Move to Control Panel and tap the Cast option.

tap cast to watch grit tv on google tv

3. Now, you can see the Android phone screen on your TV.

4. Now, launch the Google Chrome app and go to the Grit TV official website.

5. Sign in with your account and choose a title from the website on your handheld and start watching the content on your Google TV.

Grit TV on Google TV

That’s it. Now you can watch Grit TV on Google TV without any problem. You will love to watch popular shows like The Long Riders, Hannie Caulder, Stagecoach and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stream Grit TV?

You can watch Grit TV content from its official website.

What can watch from Grit TV network?

From Grit TV you can watch Martial Arts, Mysteries, Action Films, Drama, Western and more.

How much Grit TV costs?

Grit TV costs $1.99 per month.