Since its release in 2009, Google Chrome remains the mainstream web browser. Most users prefer this browser because of its simple UI and easy-to-use nature. It gives you better search results at a faster pace. Like other browsers, it has common features like adding bookmarks, changing theme, incognito mode, adding extensions, pinning tabs, and more. Like other streaming devices, the Chrome browser is not supported on Google TV. As the browser was developed for touch and mouse control, you can’t find this browser on any streaming device including Google TV. If you want to get this browser on Google TV, then this guide is for you. Follow the step-by-step procedure listed in this article and install the Google Chrome browser on Chromecast with Google TV.

Google Chrome on Google TV

How to Install Google Chrome on Google TV

The only way to install Google Chrome on GoogleTV is by using the sideloading method. The installation procedure includes four important steps. They are listed below. You can also use the below method to sideload any browser on Google TV.

  • Add Chrome APK to Google Drive
  • Enable Developer Mode on Google TV
  • Install File Commander on Google TV
  • Install Google Chrome Browser on GoogleTV

Add Chrome APK to Google Drive

1. On your Android smartphone, install the Google Drive app.

Install Google Drive

2. Launch the Google Drive app and then Sign In with the Google account you configured on Google TV.

3. Open any web browser on your phone.

4. Visit any trusted site where you can find an APK of Google Chrome.

5. Search for Chrome in the search bar.

6. Select the Google Chrome: Fast and Secure APK file from the search results.

7. Finally, tap on the Download APK option.

8. Download the Chrome apk file on your smartphone. Go to device file manager and select the Google Chrome APK that you just downloaded.

9. Click on the Share button and select the Google Drive icon.

10. Next, choose the Google account that you have used on Google TV.

11. Finally, select the Upload button.

Enable Developer mode on Google TV

1. On Google TV, choose the Settings menu.

2. Further, choose the System option.

3. Choose the About option.

4. Navigate to select the Android TV OS Build option.

5. Tap on the option 7 times until you saw a message stating, “You are now a Developer.”

You are Now a Developer

Install File Commander on Google TV

1. Press the home button to get back to the main screen.

2. Search for the File Commander app.

Install File Commander

3. Select the app from the search results.

4. On the overview page, choose the Install option.

5. After installing the app, press the home button and return to the main screen.

6. Now, enable unknown sources for File Commander (Settings > Apps > Security and Restrictions > Unknown Sources > File Commander).

Install Google Chrome

1. Go to the home page and choose the Apps option.

2. Choose the File Commander app.

3. Go through the on-screen prompts and then choose the Cloud option.

4. Choose Allow and then select the Google Drive icon.

5. Choose the Google account where you uploaded the Chrome apk file and then hit the My Drive menu.

6. Select the Chrome APK and go through the installation process.

7. After installation, launch the browser and start browsing web pages on the bigger screen.

As you have sideloaded the Android version of Google Chrome, you may feel a little uncomfortable with the Google TV remote. Hence, we recommend you connect a Bluetooth mouse with your Google TV for better navigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Get Google Chrome browser on Google TV?

By sideloading, you can easily install the Google Chrome browser on Google TV.

2. How to Cast Chrome browser to Google TV?

Connect your PC and Google TV to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, follow the steps given below to cast the Chrome browser to Google TV.
On your PC, open Chrome browser >> Click the three-dots icon >> Select Cast >> Tap your Google TV device >> Click Cast tab or Cast Desktop.