NFL 2021-2022 season is about to begin, and you might look for ways to stream them. It is one of the most loved sports events by millions from across the globe. It was previously known as American Professional American Football Association or APFA and later rebranded as National Football League or NFL. The league was first formed in 1920, and it has the highest average attendance among professional sports leagues worldwide. While you can stream the NFL matches on a wide range of devices, this section will help you stream them from Google TV. Since there are multiple options available to watch NFL on Google TV, we have come up with a session.

What is NFL All About?

The National Football League or NFL is one of the most important American football leagues. Also, it is one of the top four major sports leagues in North America. The league has two conferences, namely National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC). In total, these conferences host 32 teams playing 18-week regular sessions followed by play-offs and Superbowl. The Superbowl is played between the NFC champion and the AFC champion.

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Where to Watch NFL on Google TV?

The National Football League broadcasts on various networks in the US. It includes CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network. So, you get to stream NFL on these channels.

  • Thursday Night games on FOX
  • Sunday Afternoon games on FOX and CBS
  • Sunday Night Football on NBC
  • Monday Night games on ESPN

NFL Game Pass

Even though we have a lot of options to stream NFL in the US, the NFL Game pass is the top pick. It is because you can watch the on-demand matches after it ends. Also, you can watch the matches live with the Game Pass.

NFL on Google TV


Paramount Plus on Google TV is a streaming service from CBS Network. It replaced the CBS All Access services. On Paramount Plus, you can get access to the Sunday NFL matches.

NFL on Google TV


Peacock is a popular streaming service with exciting shows and series. It is a complete entertainment package based on subscription plans. Peacock is owned by NBCUniversal. When it comes to NFL, you can watch the Sunday Night Matches on Peacock on Google TV.

NFL on Google TV

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a popular subscription-based streaming service. It streams popular movies, shows, and series on-demand. Additionally, Amazon Prime streams the Thursday Night NFL matches this season. However, it is available only in the US. You don’t need any additional package on Amazon Prime on Google TV to watch the match.

NFL on Google TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV on Google TV is the best option to stream the 2021- 2022 season of the NFL games free of any charge. Also, Tubi TV is an ad-supported free streaming service with Live TV channels. It is owned by  FOX. You can watch the NFC games on Sundays on FOX with Tubi TV.

NFL on Google TV

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a popular streaming service from Google. It brings you a lot of entertainment, news, sports, and kid’s channels. You can watch NFL with FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN with YouTube TV on Google TV.

NFL on Google TV

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is a popular Live TV streaming service from Hulu on Google TV. It is another brilliant option to watch NFL this year. Get NFL matches with FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN.

NFL on Google TV

Sling TV

Sling TV on Google TV is a popular Live Tv option with multiple channels. You can add a Sling subscription at $35 per month. Additionally, watch NFL with FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network.


If you are a sports lover, fuboTV on Google TV is the best live TV option out there for you. Also, it has all of your favorite entertainment channels streaming. Also, stream NFL matches on FOX, CBS, NBC, and NFL Network.


AT&T TV is another premium subscription-based streaming service. It has cool channels and subscription plans. Enjoy the NFL matches on FOX, CBS, NBC, and ESPN with AT&T TV on Google TV.

From the above channels, you might need a subscription to more than one to watch all the matches of the NFL. It is because different channels telecast NFL matches on different days. So, make your right choice of apps to cover all the NFL matches. However, with a subscription to fuboTV, or Hulu + Live TV, or YouTube TV, you can watch most matches. If you are already subscribed with any, choose other channels accordingly. You can find all of these channels in the Google Play Store and download them like any other channel on Google TV. Enjoy watching the 2021-2022 season of NFL on Google TV.