Chromecast with Google TV is relatively the latest cord cutter. It is the revamped version of Chromecast and comes with a remote controller. If you are looking for the right channel to watch movies on Google TV, there are a lot of free and paid media streaming services available. Chromecast with Google TV users has so many options to watch movies. Hence it is hard to choose the best apps to watch movies on Google TV. In this section, we have covered the most popular services that you could rely on to stream your favorite films. Apart from movies, the below-mentioned apps also stream other content like TV shows, originals, documentaries, and Live TV channels.

Best Apps to Watch Movies on Google TV

Let’s explore the various popular movie streaming channels on Google TV.

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Movies on Google TV


Netflix is the best and leading media streaming service to watch movies on any device. It is a subscription-based service. Netflix is popular because of its good-quality shows and series.

Netflix: Movies on Google TV
  • Netflix on Google TV brings you award-winning movies and series.
  • It is a hub for movies, series, shows, podcasts, and documentaries.
  • Netflix has movies of all genres you are looking for. It has a good collection of classic movies along with new releases.
  • It also lets you download movies for offline streaming.


Plex is a complete package for entertainment because it streams shows, movies, podcasts, and Live TV channels.

Plex: Movies on Google TV
  • With Plex, you can stream popular movies from Crackle, Warner Brothers, MGM, and Lionsgate.
  • Also, Plex streams movies in different genres and decades.
  • It streams blockbuster movies, animation movies, and documentaries.
  • Popular Movies on Plex include Lars and the Real Girl, Jesus Camp, The Void, and Black Dynamite.
  • Additionally, you get over 200 Live TV channels on Plex. You can stream movies that air on these channels as well.
  • With Plex on Google TV, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows at any convenient time.


Hulu is a very popular media streaming service. It streams live TV channels along with on-demand content.

Hulu: Movies on Google TV
  • Hulu on Google TV has both on-demand as well as Live TV subscriptions.
  • You can opt between an ad-free and ad-based subscription on Hulu.
  • Also, Hulu has a cool collection of action, horror, thriller, and kid’s movies.
  • Popular movies on Hulu include Parasite, Booksmart, A Quiet Place, Shoplifters, and Bad Hair.
  • Further, Hulu lets you have 6 personalized profiles on a subscription. So, you can share it with your family.
  • Also, get a Hulu+Live TV subscription to get popular TV channels.
  • Further, you can watch additional movies with Live TV channels.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the finest streaming services. It is available on different devices, including Google TV.

Prime Video: Movies on Google TV
  • Amazon Prime Video brings to you movies, shows, sports, and series.
  • Also, you will get access to exclusive Amazon Original with the app. Amazon Originals include The Boys, Jack Ryan, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
  • You can buy or rent movies with Prime Video on Google TV.
  • Also, Amazon Prime supports multi-user profiles with personalized features.
  • ¬†Watch movies like The Farewell, Midsommar, You were never really here, and Rocketman with Prime Video.


Vudu is a subscription-free movie and shows streaming service.

Vudu: Movies on Google TV
  • It has movies of different genres, including horror, romance, drama, and thriller,
  • With Vudu on Google TV, you need to buy movies and shows you want to stream.
  • However, a few popular movies are streaming free on Vudu. These movies are ad-supported.
  • Watch movies like Highlander, Spinster, Clerks II, and Ginger Snaps on Vudu.
  • New movies and shows are added on Vudu faster than other streaming services.
  • Vudu supports up to 4K UHD, and Dolby Vision HDR, and Dolby Atmos audio.
  • Also, download movies on Vudu and stream them offline.


Peacock is a popular streaming service with movies and TV shows. NBC Universal owns the channel.

  • Peacock is a whole collection of movies, shows, Originals, sports, and pop culture.
  • You can even access a few contents for free on Peacock on Google TV.
  • With a free tier, watch popular Universal and Dreamwork movies.
  • Also, get Live NBC channels for free on Peacock.
  • However, with Peacock Premium, you can watch a better and upgraded library of movies and shows.
  • Popular Peacock movies include The Bourne Ultimatum, Meet the Petals, Casino, and Bernie.


Popcornflix has the biggest collection of free movies. Also, Popcornflix claims to bring you Great Movies Free.

  • With Popcornflix, stream over 700 movies for free.
  • Also, new movies are added to the Popcornflix library every day.
  • Popcornflix streams comedy, romance, kid’s, horror, and thriller movies.
  • Additionally, find movies of different languages and years on Popcornflix.
  • Watch The kid, Trust Fund, The Breed, Gitl in the Woods, and Honeydripper with Popcornflix on Google TV.


Tubi is a free streaming service with movies, shows, and series. In other words, Tubi doesn’t need you to subscribe to it.

  • Tubi on Google TV has the biggest collection of free movies and shows.
  • It streams award-winning movies from famous Hollywood studios for free.
  • Also, Tubi has content for everyone of different tastes and age groups.
  • Tubi brings to you movies like 2046, train to Busan, It follows, Apocalypto, and I saw the Devil.
  • Also, watch K-dramas, Anime, and British series on Tubi.
  • The library of Tubi is updated regularly with HD content each week.
  • Also, you can create a personal queue of shows or bookmark them to watch later.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is free Live TV and on-demand content streaming service.

  • It has thousands of movies and shows streaming for free.
  • With Pluto TV on Google TV, you can stream movies including Total Recall, Rango, Hot Rod, and Legally Blonde.
  • Also, it has a cool collection of over 100 Live TV channels.
  • It also includes Spanish channels with movies streaming on them.
  • Additionally, get Live sports, reality shows, news, and other popular shows on Pluto TV.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital streams a variety of content in it. It includes e-books, movies, audiobooks, and shows.

  • Hoopla has movies of different genres and years in it.
  • It streams blockbuster movies, classics, thrillers, and sci-fi movies.
  • Popular movies on Hoopla, include The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Poetry, Headhunters, and Detachment.
  • However, you need a paid membership on Hoopla to access its content.
  • Get a paid Hoopla Library card and start streaming movies.

Those were the best channels for Google TV to stream the best movies at any time. You can choose any of the services listed above to watch movies. Some of the apps don’t require a subscription. While some others require paying only for what you watch. Choose the right destination to stream movies on Google TV.